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​​​​​​​​​​​​Autumn Term 2017 ​​starts



4.00-4.45pm       Shooting Stars Ballet & Tap (3-5yrs)

4.45-5.30pm       Magic Stars Ballet & Tap (6-8yrs)

5.30-6.15pm      Rising Stars Gymnastics (6-8yrs)

6.15-7.00pm      Beaming Stars Gymnastics (9-11yrs)

7.00-7.45pm      Tumble & Dance Acro Gym (11/12yrs plus) Secondary school age


10.30-11am        Wiggle Tots Song & Dance (Walking to 3yrs) £3 drop in

4.00-4.45pm      Tumble & Dance Acro Gymnastics (5-7yrs)

4.45-5.30pm      Pop Dance & Street (5-7yrs)    ​

5.30-6.15pm      Tumble & Dance Acro Gymnastics (8-11yrs)

6.15-7.00pm       Street Fuzion (8-11yrs)

7.00-7.45pm       Lyrical & Contemporary (9yrs plus)

7.45-8.30pm       Dance Dimensions (11/12yrs plus) Secondary school age    ​


4.00-4.45pm       Little Stars Gymnastics (3-4yrs)

4.45-5.30pm       Mini Stars Gymnastics (5-6yrs)

5.30-6.15pm       Rising Stars Gymnastics (7-8yrs)

6.15-7.00pm       Beaming Stars Gymnastics (8-11yrs)

7.00-7.45pm       Senior Ballet & Tap (11/12yrs plus) Secondary school age

7.45-8.30pm       Dance  Dimensions(11/12yrs plus) Secondary school age 



4.00-4.45pm       Shooting Stars Ballet & Tap (3-5yrs)

4.45-5.30pm       Magic Stars Ballet & Tap (6-8yrs)

5.30-6.15pm       Sing, Dance, Act: Performing Arts (6yrs plus) 

6.15-7.00pm       Junior Ballet & Tap (9-11yrs)

7.00-7.45pm      Beaming Stars Gymnastics​ (9-12yrs)



4.45-5.30pm       Sing, Dance, Act: Performing Arts (6yrs plus)

5.30-6.15pm       Street Beat (7-8​yrs)

6.15-7.00pm       Street Fuzion (9-11yrs)



Fee's must be paid on time.

£25  deposit is required at the end of the term in advance for the following term, in order to secure your childs place within classes. 


1 class  £70

2 classes  £130

 3 classes  £170 

 4 classes £195

5 classes £215

12 week term


Trial classes  for new pupils are charged at £6, any money paid will be deducted from the termly fee's if your child wishes to register for the entire term. 

A maximum of two weeks can paid weekly, before the balance is due to secure your chils place

If your child already attends a class with us but would like to try a new class, there is no charge.