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The Stars Award Scheme​

Ballet & Tap

Within the Stars Award Scheme there are three main stages.

Stage One, Mini Stars – Levels 1 to 6

Stage Two, Young Stars – Levels 1 to 6

Stage Three, Junior – Levels 1 to 6

Within each stage there are six levels to complete. 

This reward scheme allows all children to take part in achieving their award certificates each term rather than on an annual basis.

The beauty of the scheme is that it's not only the gifted and talented students who receive awards, but all students who work hard and love dance. 

Each lesson children will work towards syllabus components which not only include dance technique but reinforce rules on attendance, effort, behaviour and uniform in class.

Each term children will work towards their reward certificates in order to complete each stage of the award scheme. Each Star stage will take approximately 2 years to complete.

At the end of each term there will be a presentation ceremony of certificates and awards.

Students love it: 

Youngsters adore these cheeky characters who dress just like them - and they love the sense of achievement when they fill their cards and gain their reward.

Parents love it: 

Proud parents and guardians delight in helping their child earn rewards - and seeing their child show off their reward card and awards during show and tell and assembly's at their primary school.

Medal Awards​

Street​​ Dance

The Medal Awards are a performance based award system, where candidates perform a short solo/duet dance which has been taught in class taken from the syllabus.

Their performance needs to include correct sequencing, awareness of rhythm, spatial awareness as well as performance qualities and technique.​

Children will obtain a pass, merit or distinction based on their performance. This means that dancers will be challenged to reach for personal goals and attain their personal achievements through hard work and determination. 

The award system allows children to develop their performance qualities in a setting which is familiar, and children can learn and develop new skills for examination procedure.

Rosette Awards​

Gymnastics & Acrobatic​​ Dance

The rosette award system is suitable for preschool aged children all the way through to our eldest and most advanced children. Children will receive their Rosette and certificate at the end of the summer term on successful completion of the syllabus.​

Teacher achievement charts are used to monitor each child's progress covering the core aspects of gymnastics,

alongside our weekly reward scheme ( under 8yrs) which allows children to complete their reward certificates each term for autumn and spring culminating with the rosette award at the end of the summer term.