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  • A registration form must be completed before a child  attends any class. Any amendments to contact details or medical information must be notified immediatly.
  • Dance fees need to be paid at the end of term in advance for the following term in order to secure your child's place.
  • All children must be collected promptly at the end of lessons by their parent or guardian.  
    If any other person is to collect your child please inform the class teacher before.
    Children will not be allowed to leave the premises unaccompanied.
  • Parents are only allowed to watch their children at the 'Watching Class', which is the last week of the Autumn and Spring term.                                                Parents can wait for their child in reception should they wish.
    Parents or relatives are not permitted to watch classes at any other times as this can cause distress for other pupils.
  • Children must have the correct uniform and dance shoes for the classes they attend, within 3 weeks of joining the dance school.
  • Children who do not attend for 4 consecutive weeks without notifying the dance school, will loose their class place.
  • No outside footwear allowed in the dance studio. Shoes/bags/coats should be left in the changing rooms.
  • Only water is permitted into the studio. No eating on the premises due to children with severe allergies.
  • Hair should be tied back for all classes.
  • No Jewellery or Make up to be worn.
  • No Mobile phones (except seniors who can place them on the desk at the start of their class).