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Thank you to everyone who has contacted us regarding their childs(ren) classes for September.

As you can imagine it is very difficult to try and accommodate everyone attending normal classes whilst  making our classes smaller as there are only so many hours of studio time. Some class times may  vary slightly in order to stagger the pupils entry/exit times. If your normal class is not available you may be offered at alternative.

Many of our classes are already full, and we will now have a waiting list for new pupils, or existing pupils that have not responded to us.

Once we have our new guidelines, an email will be sent out to those pupils who have registered which will explain everything in more detail and give you our new timetable. Looking forward to seeing everyone again soon.

As the government is starting to relax the lockdown laws, we at Footlights are now beginning to plan

for our return to classes which will hopefully be September 2020.

We are still awaiting government guidelines regarding when dance schools and gymnastics centres

can re-open and what guidelines will need to be in place to be able to provide classes in a

covid-19 safe environment.

In order for us to return there will of course be changes to the way our studio and classes run, along with timetable amendments to ensure we can provide as many of our normal classes as possible

in a safe way.

For us to be able to start planning we need to know whether your child will be returning to us in September and to which classes. This will allow us to plan for smaller class sizes.

Children that currently take two classes on separate evenings, such as ballet and acro gymnastics

will have these classes back to back on one evening, so the class group will remain constant.

If you can text 07957 377120 with the following details:



Once we have the made our plans for reopening, we will email everyone with further details of

exactly how things will work with government guidelines along with timetable of their child(rens) classes.

If we do not receive information regarding your child we will assume a place at Footlights is no

longer required.

We thank you all for your support in the past and look forward to seeing you all soon when we re-open. 


Dance & Gymnastics Classes


All parties run from our own venue




0001322 - 433336

56-64 Nuxley Road

Upper Belvedere

DA17 5JG2