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Mon 6th Jan  - 14th Feb (6 weeks)

Half term

Mon 24th Feb  - 3rd April (6 weeks)


Mon 20th Apr - 22nd May (6 weeks)

Half term

Mon 1st June  - 17th July (6 weeks)


Saturday 18th July 2020

Mick Jagger Centre

Trial class


Fees (12 week term)

One class £72

Two classes £135

Three classes £175

Four classes £220

Five classes £240


Stage School £175

 Fridays 4.00-6.15pm

6yrs plus



4.00-4.45pm     Shooting Stars Ballet & Tap (3-5yrs) Studio A

4.45-5.30pm     Magic Stars Ballet & Tap (5-7yrs) Studio A

4.45-5.30pm     Acro Gymnastics (4-6yrs) Studio B

5.30-6.15pm      Junior Ballet & Tap (8-10yrs) Studio A

5.30-6.15pm      Acro Gymnastics (6-8yrs) Studio B

6.15-7.00pm      Foundation Lyrical/Contemporary (8yrs+) Studio A

6.15-7.00pm      Acro Dance/Gymnastics (8-10yrs) Studio B

7.00-8.00pm     Adult Dance Class Studio A

7.00-7.45pm     Acro Dance/Gymnastics (11yrs+) Studio B


4.00-4.45pm      Acro Gymnastics (4-7yrs) Studio B

4.45-5.30pm      Street Dance (5-8yrs) Studio A

4.45-5.30pm      Acro Gymnastics (6-7yrs) Studio B

5.30-6.15pm       Junior Performance Team: Lyrical/Contemporary (6yrs plus) Studio A

5.30-6.15pm       Acro Gymnastics (8yrs plus) Studio B

6.15-7.00pm       Street Dance (9yrs plus) Studio A 

6.15-7.00pm       Acro Gymnastics (9yrs plus) Studio B 

7.00-8.30pm      Intermediate Performance Team

                            Acro Dance followed by Lyrical/Contemporary & Jazz


4.00-4.45pm      Acro Gymnastics (3-4yrs) Studio A

4.00-4.45pm      Acro Gymnastics (3-4yrs) Studio B

4.45-5.30pm      Street Dance (5-7yrs+) Studio A *please email

4.45-5.30pm      Acro Gymnastics (5-6yrs) Studio B

5.30-6.15pm       Street Dance (8yrs+) Studio A

5.30-6.15pm       Acro Gymnastics (7-8yrs) Studio B

6.15-7.00pm       Acro Dance/Freestyle (8yrs+) Studio A

6.15-7.00pm       Acro Gymnastics (8yrs+) Studio B


4.00-4.45pm     Shooting Stars Ballet & Tap (3-5yrs) Studio A

4.45-5.30pm     Magic Stars Ballet & Tap (6-8yrs) Studio A

5.30-6.15pm       Acro Gymnastics (6-8yrs) Studio B 

6.15-7.00pm       Sing, Dance, Act: Performing Arts (8yrs+) Studio A

7.00-7.45pm      Senior Ballet & Tap (11yrs+) Studio A

7.45-8.30pm      Street/Commercial  (12yrs+) Studio A


4.00-4.45pm      Sing, Dance, Act: Performing Arts (6yrs) Studio A

4.45-5.30pm      Street Dance (7yrs+) Studio A

5.30-6.15pm      Acro Tricks Tumble Gymnastics (7yrs+) Studio A


or why not attend our....

Fridays Stage School - £165 for 2hr 15 mins for 12 weeks.

4.00-4.45pm     Sing, Dance, Act: Performing Arts

4.45-5.30pm     Street Dance

5.30-6.15pm     Acro Tricks Tumble Gymnastics

Please ring/email to book your child's place for JANUARY 2020

as there are limited spaces available

Complete Dancers Course £240

5 class per week including

1 x Ballet&Tap

1 x Street

1 x Acro Gymnastics

1 x Performing Arts

1 x Lyrical

For all classes...

Please contact us to be allocated a trial, do not just arrive.

Also available

Private Dance Tuition 

One to one Gymnastics Training

Individual/Pairs Singing Lessons

Performance Events

Please note, not all teams will perform at every event.

Chance To Dance Winter - 2nd February 2020

Once Upon A Time - 3rd February 2020

Dynamite Dance - 26th April 2020

SYWTD FINALS -  13th/14th June 2020 TBC

Chance To Dance Summer - 27th June 2020

Ultimate Dance 18th-20th February 2021  TBC