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Acro Gymnastics


Here at Footlights, we have a wide variety of mats and equipment which enables us to teach children the fundamental skills of floor gymnastics. 

Children will be able to learn & develop basic core gymnastic skills

such as forward and backward rolls, cart wheels, handstands, balancing moves, technical jumps and lots more.

Students can learn to develop their acrobatic tricks, such as handstands, cartwheels, rolls,chest stands, elbow stands, walkovers,

side and front aerials and tumbling lines.

Our acro gymnastics dance classes, not only teach pupils the core skills of gymnastics, but progress to cover acrobatic tricks and contortion.

Acro dance gives children improved flexibility and confidence, and with their new learned skills this will work together with their other dance classes to enhance individual potential & improve their own dance ability & performance.

4-6yrs Mondays 4.15-5.00pm

Inter/Adv Mondays 6.30-7.30pm


6-8yrs Tuesdays 5.00-6.00pm

8yrs+ Tuesdays 6.00-7.00pm

3-5 yrs Wednesdays 4.15-5.00pm

6-8yrs Wednesdays 5.00-6.00pm

8yrs+ Wednesdays 6.00-7.00pm

5-7yrs Fridays 4.15-5.00pm

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