So You Want To Dance

Sunday 6th October 2019

Inter Lyrical - 1ST PLACE 

Senior Street - 1ST PLACE

DATES 2020

When: Sunday 2nd February 2020 

Event: Chance To Dance Winter

Where: Stag Theatre, Sevenoaks

Performance time: 4.45-7.15pm

There will be a rehearsal at the venue at 12pm.

Performers must arrive ready with hair and make up.

Junior Lyrical arrival 11.30am.

Intermediate Lyrical arrival 11.30am.

When: Monday 3rd February 2020 

Event: Once Upon A Time

Where: The Orchard Theatre, Dartford

Performance starts at 6.00pm tbc

There will be a rehearsal at the venue tb

Performers:   Junior Lyrical arrival tbc

                       Foundation Lyrical arrival tbc

                       Intermediate Lyrical arrival tbc

When: 29th Feburary/1st March 2020 

Event: So You Want To Dance

Where: The Mick Jagger Centre, Dartford

Performance starts at  tbc

Performers:   Junior Lyrical arrival tbc


When: 26th April 2020 

Event: Dynamite Starlets CANCELLED

Where: Mick Jagger Centre, Dartford


We are therefore withdrawing due to the distance.

When: Dates given - 13th/14th June 2020 

Event: So You Want To Dance Finals

Where: Folkestone

Performers: TBC

When: Saturday 27th June 2020 

Event: Chance To Dance Summer

Where: Stag Theatre, Sevenoaks

Performance starts at 4.45pm

There will be a rehearsal at the venue earlier on the day.

Performers:   Junior Lyrical - arrival tba

                       Foundation Lyrical - arrival tba

                       Intermediate Lyrical  - arrival tba

When: 18th-20th February 2021

Event: Ultimate Dance 

Where: Mick Jagger Centre, Dartford 

Performers:  TBC